Why Doing Good Does You Good (Part 2)

Why doing good does you good (Pt 1)

Altruism rewards you in so many other ways other than collecting good karma; from restoring your mental and physical equilibrium to strengthening your social skills, there’s really no reason why you should deny giving volunteerism a chance in your life. Not convinced yet? We’ll soon change your mind!

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5 Speed Dating Taboos

5 speed dating taboos

We know, we know. Attending speed-dating events can be nerve-wrecking enough as is it; factoring in a list of ‘do not’s just simply does not make it any better. Unfortunately, that limited time you have with your partner (about 30 minutes) is not the same as a full date and the things you do unconsciously can make or break the mini-date. So here’s a cheat sheet of five habits you should take note of and refrain from doing as much as possible if you want to increase chances of meeting the other person again.

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