How to create the perfect online dating profile

online dating profile

Online dating – what comes to your mind when someone says that?

If the feeling you get is a mixture of discomfort, fear and apprehension, there’s really no need to feel that way. Online dating can be a great way to meet new people you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to meet.

Every day you’re shunning the concept of online dating, you’re missing out on those who are on a platform like, waiting to meet you. So shake off the stigma online dating has in your head, and start building your profile now! We’ll walk you through the simple steps of creating an alluring profile

Step 1: Choose a good username

What’s in a name? One of the first things you’ll be doing is choosing a username. This is also how others will identify you when you change your profile picture from time to time, so be sure to pick a good one! A good place to start is to make use of your actual name. Let’s say your name is Alice.

But what if there already 10 other people on the site with the same name as you? Here’s where you get creative. Don’t just throw in a string of numbers – it’s hard to remember and doesn’t say much about yourself. You can attach an adjective to your name that tells people what you’re like. How about ‘adventurousalice’ to hint at your love for the great outdoors, or ‘artsyalice’ to tell people you have a fun, creative side?

Try out a combination of words to see what fits you best, but avoid suggestive names like ‘sexyalice’ to keep people from getting the wrong idea about you. If you choose to combine your first and last name together, be careful that the resulting name doesn’t read wrong since some sites do not support capitalised letters. And while it’s fun to spice things up with foreign words, it may be hard to remember and search for especially if the other person is unfamiliar with the language.

Step 2: Select eye-catching profile pictures

The next thing people will notice about you is your profile picture. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, so what do you want others to know about you? To avoid getting lost in an infinite scroll of profile pictures, there are things you can do to make yours stand out.

First things first, your cover profile picture should place focus on you and let people know how you look like. For the same reason, avoid group photos. If you have a great shot from a holiday, you can use that too! Photos that showcase your personality, hobbies and interests make for great conversation starters, so don’t be afraid to upload multiple pictures as long as they feature you clearly.

What you wear in the picture also matter. Smart casual is a safe option as it’s put together without being overly formal.

Selfies are easy and quick, but to make your cover profile picture look even better, you can approach a professional to help you with your outlook and take high-resolution pictures. For a company that offers this service at a reasonable rate, check out Divine Connect! Plus, you can always reuse these studio-quality images for other applications that require a photo.

Step 3: How to write an outstanding self-introduction

Browsing profiles on an online dating site can feel like flipping through a photo album: you glance at each one quickly, only pausing to examine the ones that catch your interest. So how do you create intrigue to catch the attention of a potential match?

A simple tip is to just be yourself. Tell them why you ended up with the job you’re having – are you a passionate photographer with a story to tell through your lenses? Tell them about the wonders you’ve seen – what took your breath away when you were in Seoul? Tell them about something that changed the way you think. In essence, tell them a something that is exclusively yours.

As you’re doing so, don’t get lost in your own story. The key here is to be specific without getting drowned or lose someone’s interest by being generic in your description. Pick out interesting details about your experiences that people can latch on and talk to you about. The same idea applies: write something you’d want to know about other people.

And finally…

Be efficient. Time is fleeting and can pass you by with the blink of an eye, so what you want is a dating site that offers you the easiest, but most advanced tools for you to find your matches quickly. I-MeetYou’s specially designed algorithm helps you find your matches with the click of a button based on your profile and completed questionnaire on the important things in your life.

Ready to give online dating a shot? Click here now to start working on your perfect profile!

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