Mega Party 2016

Mega Party

1 May – this date brings cheer to many people. Some know 1 May as Labour Day (i.e. no work on Monday!) but here at Love Express, this date marks a special occasion.

Love Express turns 9 on this date and saw the official launch of two new sister companies, Divine Connect and I-MeetYou. Our three companies are now under one collective known as Love et al.. The much-awaited celebration was held at the gorgeous Post Bar at Fullerton Hotel, bringing together 120 single participants.

“We are truly humbled to serve you.” – Deon Chan

It was a truly heart-warming moment meeting all the singles we have been organising events for since our inception in 2007. As for those who are new to the company, welcome and thank you for letting us be part of your love journey! In her opening speech, Deon Chan, founder of Love et al., noted that integrity and passion lie in the heart of everything the company stands for.

“Our ultimate vision is to compose as many love stories as possible” – Deon Chan

Speaking about her own dating experience, Deon’s desire to reach out to and help singles connect comes from the gratitude of having met her own husband, Matthew, from a dating event. From 48 events in 2010 to 152 events in 2015, it is with this genuine spirit that Deon has built Love Express to what it is today.

Love et al.’s main team then engaged the 120 participants in the much anticipated speed dating session. Where they were initially shy, the attendees gamely took part in the activities and got the chance to meet every person in the room!

With their ‘Get Connected’ sheet, everyone was given the opportunity to ask their partner one question they would like to know about each other. And perhaps that’s all it really takes; one question and two minutes to find someone special. The energy was nothing short of brilliant.

“Be the right one others want to find.” – Cindy Leong

Perhaps the most enlightening segment of the event was when our very own Cindy and Coen took the stage to let the singles in on some secrets. As certified Enneagram specialists, Cindy and Coen have seen their fair share of singles and are trained to identify sticky spots to smooth over.

When asked just how much one should compromise in a relationship, Cindy states in the most honest way possible: What kind of situation are you willing to put yourself in? There are some things that are clearly not negotiable, such as proximity, or religion. It differs from person to person, but ultimately it all boils down to what you cannot budge on, rather than what you can accept.

Most of the time, we search high and low for that special someone that we often overlook our own development. Rather than getting disheartened that it’s taking a while to meet someone, Cindy recommends taking things into your own hands and reversing the table: become someone others will want to look for.

This doesn’t call for a personality overhaul, though! Cindy elaborates that personal development is an important aspect in finding a suitable life partner. When you’re more settled, it becomes easier to identify what you truly need from a life partner and the search becomes less tedious.

Moving forward

As the event drew to a close, the winners of the lucky draw were announced and Best Dressed Couple were crowned. They walked away with generous prizes ranging from Takashimaya vouchers to a one-year package from (worth $369).

2016 marks a big year for Love et al.. If the party is anything to go by, it’s the promise that the we are dedicated to serving the needs of the local single community in a more effective, targeted way. We would like to thank everybody who turned up to make the event a great success. Here’s to love and only good things ahead!


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