Love Express Event: Christian Connexion Lunch


Events at Love Express cover a wide range of interests, including unique segmented events for singles with a specific criteria in mind. On 11 June, we had our Christian Connexion Lunch at Hotel Boss, with a private space set aside just for the event.

As a gender-balanced group, the participants had a wonderful afternoon getting to know each other. With open hearts and minds, life testimonies were shared, sparking insightful and heartfelt conversations. On top of their shared bond as Christians, each participant had the opportunity to find out more about each other through fun games and facilitated interaction.


Everyone was already having a great time, and the participants had the added surprise of being treated to the restaurant’s signature chicken rice, an off-the-menu meal that turned out to be delicious and left everyone wanting more!


With good food and even better company, what more can you ask for? To check out more upcoming segmented events, click here.


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