Acrylic Painting Workshop: Top 3 techniques


If you didn’t attend our Acrylic Painting Workshop on 11 June, you’re in luck because you’re about to find out the top 3 techniques the participants were taught!

Most of us turned up with little (or none at all) painting background but the instructors at the workshop skillfully brought us through these easy techniques. They’re simple, easy to follow and can help bring your canvas to life in no time at all.


This drawing method can be adapted for use with paint. More than just random dots on a canvas, this technique can create a compelling work of art. With a subtle gradation in color or powerful textures, convey your inner thoughts with this technique just like Georges Seurat.



Before you begin putting paint on your canvas, having a sketch of the finished piece you have in mind is a good place to start. If you want to cover up this initial sketch, you can easily paint over it with opaque acrylic paint. Or, if you’re feeling bold, go for a unique dimensional effect by letting parts of your underpainting peek through in colours that contrast with your colour palette.



Quite simply put, this technique calls for you to paint in layers. You can combine this method with either of the two methods above to build the painting from the very first stroke. This technique is often seen in self-portraits as it allows the painter to refine the image with every additional stroke. Typically, this starts out with big blocks of colours but you’re free to explore this method in any way you want!


On top of these three ways to help create a riveting image, participants of the workshop were also brought through the steps of colour mixing and blending. To encourage greater creativity, collaboration was the order of the day. The participants had fun working together to create a shared design, pooling together their individuality to produce a masterpiece everyone was proud of.

Don’t miss out on any more exciting events! Check out our upcoming events and you might just end up with a new hobby!


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